Winnipeg park getting $93Ok in upgrades

The playground at a Royalwood park is getting more than $90,000 in upgrades.

Fountainview Park, located on Shorehill Drive, is receiving a federal investment of $93,000 to improve the existing play structure.

“Royalwood’s now at a certain stage of maturity, so the play structure is about 20 years old,” said Coun. Brian Mayes on Tuesday.

Mayes added the upgrades to the play structure will include a swing set, putting in a new feature for two to 12-year-olds, and redoing the surfacing.

The funds for the updates are coming from the Federal Canada Community Building Fund.

“It’s another example of the federal government and the City of Winnipeg working cooperatively together,” said Dan Vandal, the Member of Parliament for St. Boniface-St. Vital.

Work on the project is expected to begin in spring 2023.

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