Winnipeg meals financial institution CEO bids farewell after greater than three a long time

The man who served at the helm of Winnipeg’s largest food bank for more than 30 years said goodbye one last time to staff and clients Thursday. 

“It was really moving,” David Northcott said of the goodbye his colleagues had for him.

He said he left the building “feeling very grateful.”

Northcott said his biggest takeaway from Winnipeg Harvest is the clients it serves.

He worked with many who suffered from chronic poverty over the years and said despite that they were able to rise above it and that always touched his heart.

“They come out with dignity and that continues to blow me away. That is so inspiring.”

Admits ‘I raised my voice’

Northcott also admitted he was sometimes hostile toward staff.

“I raised my voice and I yelled at people and I feel absolutely terrible about that,” said David Northcott, who began working at Winnipeg Harvest in 1984.

“I look back and I’ve never been the perfect person and still aren’t.”

Northcott said looking back there was more good than bad and he remains inspired by the people at Winnipeg Harvest, who said goodbye Thursday at an afternoon party for him.

Northcott had a simple goodbye message for colleagues and the community.

“Thank you.”

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