Winnipeg Airports Authority will get $4.eight million to draw new routes

The Winnipeg Airports Authority (WAA) is getting a financial boost from the Province to try and attract new routes to Winnipeg and improve flight connectivity to popular destinations.

The Manitoba government is giving the WAA $4.8 million to “support WAA’s efforts to secure direct flight service to strategic business and popular leisure destinations,” according to a news release. The WAA says it has been working with airlines to establish and re-establish direct, multiple-weekly frequency flights between Winnipeg and other major cities.

“There are lots of opportunities that this fund enables,” said Nick Hays, WAA president and CEO, “we’re in constant communication with all of our airline partners, in terms of how we can compete and attract new routes, new destinations that we know are valued by the community here in Manitoba.”

The Province hopes this funding will also attract investment, foster job creation, and improve education and training opportunities in Manitoba.

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