Pacific View Memorial Park

Pacific View Memorial Park

Pacific View Memorial Park graces Los Angeles as a premier and beautiful final resting place for you or your loved ones. American Headstones offers quality customizable granite markers in the greater Los Angeles area.

What types of gravestone markers exist?

Headstones placed at the head of the deceased, contain vital information. Most people think only of adding a name and dates of birth and death.

However, these markers can be ornate. From marble and limestone to granite, you have an option in the color and design of a grave marker.

Which type of headstone lasts longest?

Among the most durable material, granite fades slowly and rarely chips. This option is cheaper than marble yet equally as durable.

Made from a natural substance, granite monuments, tabletops, and markers last for more than 100 years. This option does not change colors either.

Bronze headstones in California

Bronze may age but remains long after rock begins to degrade. Immortalize your loved ones with a memorial lasting for generations.

Over time, your bronze memorial changes colors. Plaques and markers turn a historic pea-green over its thousands of years in existence.

Which headstone should I choose?

The type of headstone you choose depends on the person it memorializes. If you are looking to create a heartfelt message, granite is the perfect option.

Bronze works well for plaques and can be placed on existing headstones to serve multiple generations of a family. Multi-family plots save money and a bronze plaque appended to your site is a better addition than an entirely new gravestone.

Gravestone designs

Headstones may be large and ornate or small and simple. Most headstones at Pacific View Memorial Park are small and flat.

We offer many different styles. This includes slants, more traditional upright markers, and the popular memorial benches in curved, traditional, or pedestal variants.

Customizing my headstone

No one wants to carry a bland message with them into eternity. Customized granite headstones capture the personality of the deceased.

We offer a collection of clip art to spark your creative interests from angels to sports. Get in touch with us to help turn your vision into reality.

Including a cameo on my gravestone

We represent life through dozens and even thousands of pictures. You can take your best photo with you when you die.

Porcelain plates or etchings made with an industrial-grade laser have the same quality as your original photograph. Show the face of you or your loved one and do more than carry a memory when you visit.

Headstones for sale in Los Angeles

Headstones offer an elegant and beautiful way to mark you our your loved one. Granite, coming in many different colors and styles, allows you to customize your grave marker.

We started making headstones in 1983 with the intent of offering quality products at an affordable price. Everyone deserves to be remembered.

We offer a fast and free quote and a high degree of customizability. Visit our website and get in touch with us today to find out more.

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