One Day in Winnipeg: musician Ila Barker

Though it may have taken a tad longer than many of us would have liked, now that the first full-length album from Winnipeg-based singer Ila Barker has arrived, we can safely say that it was well worth the wait. To write Fool Under Water, Barker spent seven years reflecting on her own survival as well that of the women around her. 

What resulted is a wonderfully-introspective 11-track album that showcases Barker’s metamorphosis into the rugged yet refined storyteller she is today, while also inviting listeners to connect with her lyrics through their own experiences and emotions. 

When she’s not busy making music or advocating for gender equity and Indigenous representation in the music industry, you can likely find Barker enjoying the vibrant food scene in her hometown of Winnipeg. We recently had a chance to ask the talented Anishinaabe and Settler folk-soul musician for a few recommendations, and trust us when we say the singer did not disappoint.

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