One Day in Winnipeg: musician Ariel Posen

After releasing two full-length studio albums in 2021 with a handful of songs that didn’t quite fit into either record, Winnipeg-based musician Ariel Posen decided to put them all together in one cohesive collection for his forthcoming EP, Downtown EP. 

The first two singles, “Downtown” and “Always Saw Coming” showcase the celebrated singer and guitar player’s signature style and sound, while exploring new territories, which Posen describes as “like there were some extremely exciting musical things happening. Therefore, it felt right to make the Downtown EP. I love each of these songs, and they really have a cohesiveness.”

With the anticipated EP dropping online and on 10” vinyl on July 29, we decided to catch up with Posen to talk about his local food and beverage scene before he resumes his international tour later this month.

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