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Five NYC Date Ideas For A Low Budget

The thought of summertime doesn’t necessarily have to mean digging into your paychecks for overpriced drinks or elaborate dinners with your partner. Don’t let summer scare you in any way as regards enjoying yourself. Do you know why you shouldn’t be scared? It’s simple: this is the City of New York, a land where everything is possible for any budget at any time. Listed below are six possible ways to have a fun-filled experience with that special person without having to break the bank.

Five NYC Date Ideas for a Low Budget

1) Visit Coney Island for a Lit Night

You can have an experience of light shows at no extra cost on the beach every Friday. For a memorable adventure at Coney island, get on a train with your loved one and enjoy the famous Nathan hot dog before the sun sets. Locate the perfect spot on the beach for yourself to lay down and watch fireworks on a blanket. You and your partner can take a freestyle walk along the boardwalks.

2) Go Wild at the Brooklyn Bazaar

In a three-story building where you can enjoy all kinds of activities like shopping, mini-golf, live band, arcade games and much more, Brooklyn Bazaar is a place where you can keep your options open. With just a little dollar bill of about $25, you and your partner can enjoy a super-pass that gives you complete access to expedited entry, a mini-golf or a round of ping-pong, all sort of food from the Brooklyn star, two drinks and access to a karaoke room with just $5 from your pocket.

3) Enjoy National Ice Cream Day With Your Partner

If you and your partner are lovers of ice cream, start marking your calendar dates now for the most remarkable day of the year. To honor the National ice cream day, the New York City summer blizzard will always be in town as part of this NYC grand bazaar. You and your partner will have all the access to the best artisan’s ice cream manufacturers around, and countless options for other frozen treats. Entrance to this unique experience is free; the ice cream would cost a token.

4) Walk Through The Highest Line

Hand-in-hand, along with a bustling and attractive city, you can head up along the street to fill your eyes with different fantastic structures. Before you walk to the top street level, stop at the Chelsea market and squeeze some you can stop in places like Army’s bread or Friedman’s lunch for a meal. Look for a suitable spot to kick back while you enjoy some real cozy time with your partner at the south end of High Lines.

5) Free pizza At The American Beauty

Yes, you heard it right: it is no news that there are free pizza spots along with drinks in town. Spots like the Crocodile lounge and the Charleston are excellent options. One thing that qualifies as one of the best NYC date ideas is going to American beauty. They offer free seasonal cocktails, a well-crafted beer menu, and for every drink purchased, you will get a free personal thin-crust pie. This spot is partially a concert venue so that you can check out their calendar for updates on upcoming shows.

Life in New York City is full of hard work, and it’s okay. However, you should not make it harder than it is by subjecting yourself and partner to work without pleasure. One or all of these NYC date ideas will make your summer remarkable even when you’re working with a low budget.