New report needs neighborhood gardens as a part of new Winnipeg developments

Throughout duration of the pandemic, various activities have grown in popularity, including gardening.

Now, a new report at Winnipeg City Hall is calling for community garden spaces to be added to all new developments.

The report says interest in community gardens has grown during the pandemic.

It notes that garden spaces provide a variety of benefits, such as affordable food and mental health support.

Brian Mayes, chair of the Winnipeg Food Council, says the report’s suggestion of creating a new garden manager position is key to ensuring future success.

“There’s a new report from the food council coming about how to promote community gardens, looking to try and create and make that a job for somebody at city hall,” he said.

“That would be quite exciting I think. That would be the breakthrough. Then you’ll have somebody not just doing it off the side of their desk. Somebody who is really committed to this.”

The report is scheduled to be presented to the standing policy committee on property and development, heritage, and downtown development on May 11.

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