Michelle Obama to satisfy with 4 U of W college students throughout Winnipeg go to

Michelle Obama is heading to Winnipeg for a speaking engagement on Tuesday, and a group of high-achieving women will get the opportunity to meet with the former first lady.

The four women set to meet Obama are all students at the University of Winnipeg. According to the university’s president and vice-chancellor Annette Trimbee the young women are leaders who have shown their commitment to academic excellence.

“I think that Michelle Obama will enjoy meeting them and hearing about their future plans,” said Trimbee in a news release.

According to the university, the four women, who are all studying in different fields and have various passions, include:

  • Rachelle Kabuha, who is originally from Congo and is studying international development and criminal justice. Kabuha plans to become a lawyer and is passionate about helping new Canadians find success;
  • .Courtney Bear is working on her master’s in development practice and is a member of Peguis First Nation. Bear whose passion is working with Indigenous people, has done research on clean drinking water in First Nations communities;
  • Beverly Tran is the president of the university’s Business Administration Student Association. She has helped organize events such as the emerging markets trip to Colombia and the annual Entrepreneurial Way Conference. After graduation, Tran wants to start a business.
  • Sidney Legget, who identifies as Metis, studies applied computer science with a specialization in health technology. Legget has already made contributions to the medical science field when she co-presented the results of her research into magnetic resonance imaging and brain function.

“Opportunities to rub shoulders with leaders like Michelle Obama are pretty rare, so we wanted to make that a reality for local students,” said president and CEO of the Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce Loren Remillard in the release.

Obama will speak Tuesday at noon at Bell MTS Place for the event ‘A Conversation with Michelle Obama,” which is sponsored by the Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce.

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