Metropolis making progress in negotiations with protesters blocking Brady Street Landfill – Winnipeg

The City of Winnipeg is in talks with activists who’ve been blocking access to the Brady Road Landfill since Sunday.

Some people have been camping out at the site calling for a search for the remains of missing Indigenous women Morgan Harris and Marcedes Myran, who police say were killed earlier this year by Jeremy Skibicki.

Councillor Brian Mayes, who chairs the city’s water, waste and environment committee, says the protest is costing the city money as garbage trucks are being redirected to two dumps outside the city, one in Ile Des Chenes and at Prairie Green Landfill.

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“There’s a cost that you wouldn’t expect the private operators to do it for free, to go to a further location to do the dumping,” Mayes said. “There’s a loss of revenue and an increase in expenses, the loss of revenue clearly being we’re not charging anyone a tipping fee if they can’t get in.”

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But Mayes says some of the activists’ concerns have been addressed.

“At some point, there comes financial pressure and time pressure, I don’t want to pretend otherwise,” said Mayes. “But for the short term at least, talks are continuing and people seem more optimistic, so I’m hoping we can get this resolved.”

Mayes couldn’t provide a timeline as to when the blockade or discussions would come to an end.

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