Free menstrual product pilot challenge in Winnipeg to be a part of 2022 funds


A pilot project offering free menstrual products offered at some city-run facilities is a part of the 2022 budget.

The Free Menstrual Product Pilot Project will be running for one year, offering menstrual products for free from dispensing machines at the Millennium Library, Fort Rouge Leisure Centre, Seven Oaks Pool, Freight House/Central CC, Elmwood Kildonans Pool, Turtle Island Neighbourhood Centre, Margaret Grant Pool and the Westdale Community Centre.

“Access to menstrual products has been deemed a basic human right,” a report to the city’s Property and Development, Heritage, and Downtown Development Committee reads.

The report goes on to say that for various social, cultural, and financial reasons, menstrual products may not be easily accessible to people who need them.

It said this creates an unfair disadvantage in their daily lives.

“Providing menstrual products privately, consistently, and free of charge in public facilities will help alleviate this biological function from negatively affecting life’s daily activities,” the report reads.

“Furthermore, when these products are available for free, the dignity of menstruating individuals can improve, along with their physical and psychological wellbeing.”

The whole project is expected to cost $58,500.

The city will explore potential partnerships during the project to help fund the program moving forward.

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