Best Christian Music

Best Christian Music

Looking for a Christian sound that’s unlike anything else that’s out there today? Lguapogreengo plays the best christian music of today. You have only to hear his haunting voice, the God-inspired lyrics and the classic acoustical sound blended with traditional flamenco tones to understand you’ve found something truly unique.

Lguapogreengo’s music will stay with you long after the song has ended. Add a few of his tracks to your music library to enjoy during special times when you need encouragement or just want to worship along with someone else. Lguapogreengo is not just another musician singing Christian songs- he performs music that reflects his life lived heart and soul for the Lord. It’s simply the best christian music you’ll ever hear.

We invite you to listen to Attitude of Gratitude on the website’s home page to get a better idea of what you can expect from Lguapogreengo. He calls this song “a simple prayer from a simple man, a prayer of thanks to the Almighty, for every gift, and a prayer of supplication for wisdom, understanding, for the many things”.

One thing is certain, once you listen to Lguapogreengo, you’ll never get the haunting sound of his voice out of your head, as the lyrics from his music penetrate deeper and deeper with every note. It’s easy to hear his commitment to following Jesus in the sound of his guitar and in the reverberation of his voice. Feel free to spend some time on the ‘Videos’ page at by clicking on the ‘Videos’ link and enjoying the sample tracks available, including Gold for the Soul, Timber, Love, and the studio version of Child of the King.

Lguapogreengo’s music is very different from anything else that’s out there today. Preview the Timber video for an amazing performance that can only be described as a unique blend between Santana and Ray LaMontagne. You’re soon to discover the best christian music you’ve ever listened to.

Book Lguapogreengo for your upcoming event and treat your guests to something all together unique and very special. If you’re looking for a performer who is able to deliver a first-class performance, feel free to contact Lguapogreengo by sending an email to [email protected], or fill out the online form located on the website under ‘Contact for Bookings’. If you want the best christian music for your event, you’ve found it. Be forewarned, this is not your typical Christian music you hear day in and day out on the radio- it’s far more powerful, far more inspiration and deeply moving.

Make Lguapogreengo’s music part of your daily spiritual journey and nourish your soul rather than being assaulted by the noise that’s constantly filling the ears of people today. You’ll find that listening to Christian music instead of today’s soul-destroying music is much more comforting and will bring more joy into your life. Download Lguapogreengo’s music or enjoy the video samples on his website to experience the best life-giving Christian music available.

Best Christian Music